Marina Featherstone: the art of massage
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Expertly curated massage experiences provide an escape from the daily hustle and bustle.  Restorative and rejuvenating treatments offer a remedy against the modern-day epidemics of stress, chronic exhaustion, and burn-out.

MMarina Featherstoneeditative and artful massage inspires profound serenity and melts long-held tension.  Massage is slow, grounded, deep.  Movements flow with punctuated rhythm and dance, banishing stress.

Sessions are carefully crafted with attention paid to texture, fluidity and rhythm.  The body is gently rocked like the waves of the ocean, a hand moved through space like a leaf floating to the ground.  Raindrops become fingertips and a gentle breeze brushes down an arm.  Movements are inspired by nature and made into art.

I have worked with thousands; CEO's, celebrities, professional athletes, mothers-to-be, cancer survivors.  The breadth of ailments is diverse yet one constant is always present: stress.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I uphold the highest standards of massage treatment and invite you to begin your journey to healing.