Marina Featherstone: the art of massage
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The experience of aroma inspires a profound awareness of breath, and an evocation of emotion and feeling.  Through this sensory awareness, we uncover the path to peacefulness and beauty.  The ancient art and ritual of anointing oneself with aromatic oils connects the body, heart and soul with that of the heavens, as scent was often revered as a portal to enchantment and enlightenment.

Aromatherapy is the therapy of essential oils; highly concentrated aromatic plant extracts that embody the unique chemical constituents and therapeutic properties of their respective plant.  Used for millennia for their ability to heal, essential oils can have a profound effect on our body, mind and spirit.



Essential oils can affect change in the body via the process of olfaction (smelling) as well as topical absorption.  The aromatic particles of the oils travel through our sensory olfactory pathways to the limbic system; the oldest part of our brain and our body’s centre for emotion, memory, primitive drives, instinct, and regulation of circadian rhythms and hormones. 

When applied through massage, essential oils are absorbed through the skin and travel via the blood stream, helping to enhance immunity, dissipate pain and tension, increase circulation and enhance the quality of our body’s physical systems.   Aromatherapy can inspire deep, penetrating calm, can usher in a more restful sleep, can alleviate fatigue and lethargy, and can bring relieve to a compromised emotional and mental state. 



Massage is an ancient ritual, steeped in mysticism, healing lore and vital spirituality. Grounded in this ritual, comes the ritual of anointing oneself with precious oils.  Massaging sacred aromatic oils onto the body was a ritual practiced amidst a multitude of cultures; to purify, to aid in healing of the body’s systems, to protect and beautify the skin, to heal wounds in battle, to connect to higher spirit and prepare oneself for ceremony.  The aromatic oils themselves bestowed healing virtues to the body; healing skin maladies, calming over-stressed systems, aiding in breathing and protecting from illness.

The practice of marrying massage with aromatic oils is a synesthetic experience like no other; taking time to care for your body connects yourself with the physical, quietens the mind and slows down time; alleviating stress and many states of dis-ease, and rekindling the practice of breath. 



Regularly incorporating self-massage into your self-care routine can enhance your overall wellness as well as the state of your body.  Self-massage can be crafted into a personal ritual; bringing moments of beautiful awareness and sensual indulgence.  Using a quality, hand crafted aromatherapy oil can inspire a specific state of wellbeing.  The oils themselves will nourish and condition, penetrating deeply into the layers of the skin, helping to tone, repair damage and slow down the aging process while imparting a succulent glow. 

Taking small moments for yourself each day to lovingly and lavishly care for your body, mind and spirit can invoke a deep sense of self-love and nurturing care.