Marina Featherstone: the art of massage
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About Marina

I am inspired by the art inherent in each massage experience.

Growing up surrounded by forests, flowers and fields, I found my life's purpose in the massage arts and healing virtues of aromatherapy.  An inherent artist, my craft brings opportunities for deep healing and moments of serenity.

With a curated selection of masterful techniques, the desire to weave texture, rhythm and depth into carefully crafted massage masterpieces offers an endless opportunity for inspiration.  

Massage Experiences draw upon teachings from ancient bodywork traditions, including Thai-yoga, Indian head massage, reflexology and Hawaiian lomi-lomi.  Advanced studies in Esalen massage as well as my own intuitively crafted style culminate into a massage like no other.  

The desire to cultivate a calm refuge through bodywork as well as inspire a more profound and meaningful experience of life is the purpose behind my craft.