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Slow Down! (or how to resist doing something)

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It is a solemn, mellow Friday morning.  It is lightly raining outside, the sky is a blanket of grey.  The air is still and calm and quiet.  It is beautiful.

I slept in, listening to my body's need to just rest, and slowly enjoyed my morning cup of tea.  It has passed 10:30.  As I sat here, enjoying the last few sips, the all too familiar feeling of "I need to do something" crept in.  And this is a feeling we all face daily, and feel immense guilt about if we ignore it.  

I suppose it is a tad ironic that I will talk about this, seeing as I am currently doing something (writing this blog post).  But I am doing it in a leisurely and pleasurable way, answering the call of creativity and the need to talk about this message.  

The problem with our lives is we never slow down.  We never stop.  We are always filling our schedules to the brim (often to the detriment of our own wellbeing), glamourizing the incessant need to be "busy", doing more and pushing to do more at every opportunity.  We rarely, if at all, take the time to simply just be.  To actually breathe deeply, listen to the world around us, and take it some of its beauty.  To make reference to a popular term, we never stop to smell the roses.  

We chase busy at the expense of sleep.  After all, sleep is merely "time wasted" (more on sleep and its necessity to our health in a later post).  We chase busy at the expense of our relationships, often taking them for granted.  We chase busy at the expense of moving our bodies, assuming our health and vitality will always be there.  We chase busy at the expense of enjoying the beauty in our lives...why else do the flowers bloom but to bring small moments of bliss? 

One thing I love, perhaps more than any other, about my profession, is I give people the opportunity to slow down, shut off, be still.  The vital rejuvenation and renewal that comes from an hour of quiet is quite profound, and it is a wellspring of inspiration for me.  We need this, everyone needs this.  We need to become reacquainted with slowing down so we can enjoy our lives before it passes us by.  We need to resist the societal pressure to always be "doing" something.  

We should spend more time being! 

On that note, I think I will brew myself another cup of tea.  

See you all again soon, and take some time to breathe.


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